Hues & Shades

Shades of Red
There is quite a variation between different shades and hues of red. Although the few red diamonds we have seen have been intensely coloured, some colours are definitely more attractive than others. There is bound to be an element of personal preference when it comes to choosing your favourite colour of red diamond, but we believe there are some guidelines which will help. Bear in mind, though, that as red is the rarest of all diamond colours, that there will not necessarily be a wide range of choice.

Ruby Red
Most people's idea of a red diamond would be the "pigeon's blood" colour of a fine ruby. Very few red diamonds are similar to this ideal colour.

Purplish Red
The red diamond shown at the top is an enhanced red diamond, which is rather dark, and slightly purplish or brownish. This particular stone weighs 0.34 carats, and at the time of writing this page, was the only red diamond in our stock.

Accurate Proportions
Proportion is an important aspect of the "cut" of all diamonds, but we believe is is even more important for fancy coloured diamonds than for near-colourless ones. A red diamond which is badly proportioned may look too dark because it fails to reflect the maximum light. The diamond to the right is a well proportioned stone, and you can see that it looks very attractive, with plenty of light reflected from all parts of the stone.

Slightly Too Dark
Although both red diamonds shown are attractive, both are slightly darker than ideal. A brighter red would be better in our opinion.

Deep Pink
Any deep pink diamond may be bordering towards red, and would obviously be attractive, but subject to personal preference.




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