Famous Red Diamonds

Red Diamonds are probably the rarest of all coloured diamonds in terms of rarity as well as the relatively small sizes of gemstones that are found when compared to other colours of diamonds. In fact the world's largest red diamond is known as the Red Shield, and weighs "only" 5.11 carats, compared with over 600 carats for the largest diamond of any kind.

The Moussaieff Red Diamond

It would not get anywhere near the list of the world's largest diamonds, yet it is famous for the fact that it is red, one of the rarest colours for diamonds.

The William Goldberg Diamond Corporation, famous for outstanding stones like the Premier Rose and the Guinea Star, cut this gem from a 13.90-carat rough. They transformed the piece into a spectacular red diamond weighing 5.11 carats. The GIA states, "It is the largest Fancy Red, natural color diamond that we have graded as of the date the report was issued." The stone is a triangular brilliant, sometimes refered to as a trillion or a trilliant cut. It was cut sometime in the mid-1990s, so its history is still relatively uneventful.

The Splendour of Diamonds Exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum in 2003
Image Source: http://www.diamondarticles.com/articles/famous-diamonds/moussaieff-red-diamond.php

At present Moussaieff Jewelers Ltd owns the diamond and hence it is called Moussaieff Red Diamond. The Moussaieff Red paid a visit to the Smithsonian Museum in 2003, being part of an exhibit titled The Splendour of Diamonds (shown above). The exhibit lasted from June 27th to September 30th and featured a number of other unusual colored diamonds, namely the Millennium Star, the Heart of Eternity, the Pumpkin Diamond, the Allnatt Diamond, the Ocean Dream, and the Steinmetz Pink.

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